Reduce stress, gain more energy and be happy in your own skin with your very own personal healing plan.

We use a gentle mixture of New Zealand native herbal medicine, energy healing and mindset coaching to help you be more.. you

I can help with

  • Hormonal issues, heavy peirods, thyroid problems,
  • irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, food intolerances
  • premenstrual tension, mood swings, explosive anger, depression and anxiety
  • fertility issues for both women and men and couples
  • smooth pregnancy and lactation
  • peri-menopause and menopausal transition
  • chronic fatigue, tiredness, fibromyalgia
  • Auto-immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc etc


Everything you
need to feel
healthy again

Natural products for your health

My healing retreats are
designed to be a peaceful
and energising getaway to
re-invigorate your life.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to
experience the very best of New Zealand’s
nature as well as enjoy time out for yourself
with a group of fun, like-minded friends.

I help people reconnect
with themselves,
their health and their

Sharlene Ellis
Medical Herbalist and Naturopath

I’m passionate about natural healing and
have helped many kiwis on their personal
healing journeys; drawing on my years
of experience to design and implement
individual healing plans and herbal

My goal is always to empower you to feel in
control of your health and happiness.

At Remedy Natural Health Clinic we understand what

it takes to truly live a happy healthy life and want to

help you be the best you can be.