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Hello   I 'm   Sharlene,

I became a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist in 2002 and I have been working in natural medicine ever since.  I love it, I have seen so many amazing results helping people find their path to  health and happiness.


Remedy Natural Health Clinic started in Ellerslie, and made a few moves over the years as I moved around before settling in Te Atatu Peninsula in 2015.  Here I joined a like minded therapist and we created Restore Wellbeing - a Wellness Clinic of over 15 practitioners working together. 


Five years later, and post covid19 which forced me to move my consultation services entirely online, I moved back to my home town of Whangaparaoa to raise my two kids in the best place possible.  I now offer online and in person energy healing sessions infused with naturopathy and herbal medicine.

I am currently creating a range of products called "Inlight natural medicine".  We have a range of high strength medicinal herbal teas, essential oils, flower remedies, as well as bespoke healing creams, balms and tinctures.

During the time of Covid19 and lockdowns, I went looking for something more.  I was in a pretty stressful situation, newly single and raising my kids alone, I needed to do something to help myself and my own mental health.  I enrolled in a meditation course which lead to learning the art of shamanic journeying and very quickly onto learning to channel messages from spirit and guides.  Suddenly I understood that I had an innate ability (and yes we all do) I just hadn't recognised it.  


Then I met another healing practitioner and was asked to join her Sentaura Healing course.  This took me on an even deeper journey of self discovery and self healing - exactly what I was looking for.  It was an amazing experience, I felt very drawn to learning and I have to say my own life has become a joyful experience.  I gained the self healing I needed and in turn it has helped me to offer a more holistic service to my clients.  


Sentaura healing is very quick, potent and straight to the point.  You need to be ready to work on your own stuff, as it will come up to be healed.  At the same time it is very gentle and extremely loving, like being surrounded by angels.   What I offer is a mix using the shamanism, channelling and healing - as well as bringing in the energetics of my beloved herbs of course.  

I now offer what I feel is the perfect healing package - working on the physical and emotional through naturopathy and herbal medicine and with the mental and spiritual through Sentaura Healing.  

I so look forward to meeting you and helping you on your health journey  :)

Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine
Advanced Certificate Natural Fertility Management
Accredited Advanced Hemaview Practitioner
Member NZ association of Medical Herbalists

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