Specialist Fertility Services

Did you know that the lifestyle you lead before you even get pregnant has a significant effect on the health and well-being of your baby?

Chemical filled cleaners, pesticides, environmental toxins and stresses of modern living are all contributing factors to the increased rate of infertility in our community.

Pre-conception Plans are popular among those struggling with infertility as well as those wanting to have the most healthy happy baby possible. I follow the Francesca Naish approach and offer Naturopathic packages for all stages.

Fertility Packages

The Ultimate Preparation

16 Week Preconception Program for couples

Testing, Consultations and Preconception Supplements for 16 weeks.

You, your partner and I have regular check-ins every month for four months and I am available at other times by email and phone.

I send weekly tips and guidance on getting your health into the best shape possible before trying for a baby.

Includes personalised herbal prescription formulas that take into account what your body needs (it is not a one size fits all) and multi-mineral supplements providing all the nutrients a healthy baby needs.

Please email for more information or payment plans remedynaturalhealth@gmail.com

Pregnancy care – pregnant already?

Monthly checkups and superior nutritional supplementation for you and your baby, personalised for your situation.

Cost $200 per month includes thorough case taking, nutritional supplements to help beat nausea, morning sickness and general pregnancy aches and pains – whatever you need.

Post partum checkups

For you and baby for 3 or 6 months

Invest in a healthy start for you and your new arrival with a monthly consultation for you both.

Includes help with your newborn around sleep, breast feeding and any health issues like post natal depression and anxiety.
After all a happy mum equals a happy baby.

Cost $200 per month, $550 for 3 month program.